The basic demand of a human being is food, shelter, clothing and medicine. But considering the present scenario shelter is the main problem for all of us. Dhaka is now one of the fastest growing and densely populated metro-cities in the world. It has been an unplanned city with disorganized facilities for residents. But there should be change; it is the demand of time. And the change maker is none other than us "Advance Homes Pvt Ltd".

"Advance Homes Pvt Ltd " is one of the renowned companies in Bangladesh, a trusted name in the  Land Development and real estate arena. From its very inception the company has won the confidence and good will of its valued clients and is going along with time and offers a futuristic residential plot at a very reasonable and competitive price. All these make a renowned and trusted unique organization. We designed a model city with all the best standard facilities for the peace lovers.


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