Managing Director Message

Welcome to Advance Homes Pvt. Ltd.

On the stage of our beloved Bangladesh, every sector of the company needs to rapid growth and development. The real estate sector is one of the important rule players in economic growth and development. Our mission is to establish our self as a trusted brand in the real estate sector within the best possible time.

With the dedicated contributions of professional workforces including architects, designers, engineers, consultant, skilled and experienced project personnel, we take the challenge to achieve greater elevation in the real estate sector.

Shelter is one of the fundamental needs as well as rights of human beings. Due to acute shortage of housing lands both in urban and rural areas in Bangladesh, this fundamental right is not been fulfilled up to the satisfaction. Advance homes Pvt. Ltd. Has come into being to meet peoples housing needs.

Wish, being a suitable growing develop, Advance Homes Pvt. Ltd. Will touch the ultimate satisfaction; enjoy the fair making it successful in fulfilling human demand.


Thanking you sincerely

Tauhida Sultana


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